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Team Peculiar Ambassadors

An invitation-only team of brand ambassadors who directly influence the future of Peculiar PPL®

Current Team Peculiar Ambassadors

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Perks of Membership

As a part of Team Peculiar Ambassadors, you are entitled to a number of perks and privileges, which include:

  • 1. Sneak Peeks

    You will review Peculiar PPL products and services before they are available to the public and your valuable feedback may be integrated into the final product.

  • 2. Referral Bonuses

    You will be rewarded with bonuses and/or discounts for every Peculiar PPL purchase that results from your referral.

  • 3. Exclusive Products

    You will receive exclusive products just for being part of the team and spreading the word about the brand.

  • 4. Welcome Package

    You will receive a specially curated package to welcome you to the club and to get you started.

Why Team Peculiar Brand Ambassadors?

  • Constant Improvement

    Peculiar PPL's goal is to equip and inspire the world's change agents, and the best way to achieve this mission is to constantly receive in-depth feedback from the people who are most committed to the success of the brand.

  • Increased Impact

    Within the network of each Peculiar person are many more Peculiar people who can receive value from the products and services of Peculiar PPL. Brand Ambassadors can help us multiply our impact by spreading the word within their current networks.

  • Reward Contributions

    We want to reward the people who contribute most to the expansion of the brand. If you believe in us enough to join our team and spread the word about the brand, then we want to honor that by thanking you.

Just a few of our Brand Ambassadors

  • Customer Testimonial
    Shamara B.

    "I've been telling people about Peculiar PPL for years and becoming an ambassador was a way for me to formally do what I've been doing doing all along."

  • Customer Testimonial
    Nashon F.

    "Being a Team Peculiar Ambassador is like being part of an exclusive club where your opinions are actually valued."

  • Customer Testimonial
    Sarah N.

    "It's a great feeling when I provide feedback on something that I'm testing, and then see my feedback incorporated into the final product."

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